A Storytelling Symposium at Sea | August 22-26, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Q. What is Fresh On The Boat: Symposium at Sea?

  • Fresh on the boat is a 4 day cruise with a 1 day symposium featuring TED style talks and networking sessions. The talks are curated and designed to offer thought provoking ideas, messages, and outlook for our attendees in the real estate industry.

Q. When is the Cruise?

  • The cruise takes place August 22-26, 2019.

Q. How much does it cost to go on the Cruise?

  • The staterooms vary in price and quoted based on double occupancy. Interior states rooms start at $325 per person assuming 2 people share a room.

Q. What Cruise Line & Ship are we boarding?

  • We’ll be boarding one of Carnival Cruise’s ships called the VALOR.

Q. How long is the Cruise?

  • The Cruise is 4 days.

Q. Where does the Cruise ship sail to?

  • The Cruise departs New Orleans, Louisiana on August 22nd and sails for Cozumel, Mexico. We get off the ship in Cozumel, Mexico for just 1 day and return to the ship back to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q. What does my fare include & not include

  • Please refer to the registration page on this website for details on what is included with your fare.

Q. What is “Double Occupancy”?

  • “Double Occupancy” means simply the room or ship cabin you have reserved will have two people in it.

Q. Do I need a room mate or can I sail alone?

  • No, you do not need a roommate. You can absolutely sail alone. However keep in mind that there are NO discounts offered for a single traveler. You would have to pay the rate of 2 persons staying in one room.

Q. What types of accommodations are available on the ship?

  • Please refer to the registration page of this website to view all types of staterooms and accommodations on this ship.

Q. Which Airport Should I fly into?

  • We recommend you fly into New Orleans International Airport (MSY)

Q. When Should I fly into New Orleans, LA?

  • We suggest you fly into New Orleans, LA the day before (August 21, 2019) to avoid any delays boarding on the day of Ship departure. There are several hotels at different rates close to the port of embarkation.

Q. What time does ship boarding start?

  • Your boarding time will be specified by Carnival Cruises. You’ll be notified via email or though your Carnival online account of boarding details.

Q. So the Symposium is 1 day, what happens after that?

  • Vacation time and activities on the ship. Refer to the registration page of this website for details.

Q. What activities are on the Ship?

  • Please refer to the registration page for details.

Q. Do I need a passport to go on this cruise?

  • No. Please contact the number on the registration page of this website for details.

Q. Who is AREAA theEDGE?

  • theEDGE is the young professionals network of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

Q. Do I have to be a certain age to attend this cruise?

  • Absolutely not. We welcome everyone to attend this inaugural event.